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For those who want an alternative to innersprings, this latex rubber crib mattress is made from a core of 100% natural latex foam wrapped in layers of organic cotton and New Zealand-grown organic wool and quilted to a Belgian organic cotton ticking mattress cover. These natural latex crib mattresses are shipping within 3 to 4 weeks of your order. This is a popular latex crib mattress and it is a great value. The latex foam is very firm, yet it conforms to the body curves of your baby for a comfortable sleeping environment.

This natural latex crib mattress has organic wool batting channel quilted to a quality organic cotton ticking cover. This mattress meets all federal and state fire codes without chemicals of any kind because the thick layer of organic wool batting is self extinguishing if exposed to a flame. The latex and the organic wool are both naturally resistant to dust mites and fungi. The thick organic wool batting adds a breathable layer of comfort surrounding the latex core of this crib mattress, making it one of our most comfortable crib mattresses. One of the big advantages of a latex crib mattress is its flexible nature, making it easy to change the crib sheets by just pulling up on the mattress corners, which is something you can't do with a stiffer innerspring crib mattress because it must be lifted to change the crib sheet.

The natural latex rubber foam used in this rubber mattress is produced using the superior Dunlop process, which does not contain the chemical residues that are present in foam produced using the competing Talalay latex process. Dimensions: This crib mattress fits standard cribs, which have inside dimensions of 28 inches wide by 52 inches long. Total mattress depth with the quilting is approximately 5-1/2 inches. This mattress has a 5-year limited manufacturer's warranty from the manufacturer. If needed, air-out your mattress in the sun, and spot clean with a vinegar solution, allowing it to dry completely.

See the short video explaining our organic crib mattresses below:

Please don't expose your baby to dangerous chemicals by using petroleum-based foam bedding and vinyl mattress covers! Your baby will spend most of its time sleeping in bed--60% in the first year. Commercially available, non-organic baby mattresses are treated with fire retardant chemicals called PBDEs that build up in the body in ways similar to banned PCBs, and petroleum-based foam mattress material outgases harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. PBDEs have already been banned in Europe but, unfortunately, not in North America. See also our complete selection of organic crib mattresses.

Wool Puddle PadDon't forget to buy a wool puddle pad for you new crib mattress. Ours are bigger and thicker, and they work better than others you will find. You will also need to buy organic cotton crib sheets, a wool bumper pad, and organic cotton bumper pad cover for your crib. See also our complete selection of organic baby bedding and our very large selection of organic infant mattresses and bedding for co-sleepers, portacribs, mini cribs, and pack and play units.


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