This natural latex regular size co-sleeping mattress pad is designed to replace the chemically laden vinyl and polyurethane foam mattress pad that comes as original equipment with the regular size co-sleeping bed/bassinet. Made with a 1-inch thick extra firm 100% natural latex core, this co-sleeping mattress pad has two covering options. The first option covers the natural latex core in layers of organic wool batting and then an organic cotton fabric cover is quilted to the result. The second option covers the latex core with organic wool puddle pad material, which naturally resists moisture. The wool fabric covered co-sleeping mattress pad can be hand washed and line dried, but the quilted co-sleeping mattress pad is spot clean only. These co-sleeping mattress pads meet all fire codes without the use of dangerous fire retardant chemicals present in the original equipment vinyl mattress pad, and they are best for your baby's health. Dimensions: Quilted Outer Fabric: 24 inches wide by 38 inches long by 1.5 inches deep; Wool Outer Fabric: 26 inches wide by 38 inches long by 1.5 inches deep. Use an appropriately-sized board underneath the mattress pad for support. See also our huge selection of organic crib mattresses and organic baby bedding.


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